How To Synchronize Your Business Life With Evernote


I have learned so much from writing these Evernote posts - I absolutely love Evernote now that I know how to use it properly.  So this week we are talking about synchronizing Evernote across all platforms so that you can use it to the very best of your ability.  Please leave any comments that you may have in the notes below. When things start to get a little complicated, … [Read more...]

How Evernote Helps To Deal With “Sparkle Brain”

Sparkle Brain

The first time I heard the term "Sparkle Brain", I knew it described me perfectly!  I have that crazy entrepreneurial/ADHD mind (two words that I think are interchangeable) that I just loved the idea that my brained was sparkly instead of scattered.  In this blog post, we'll also look at what is called "Monkey Mind", as the brain jumps around like monkeys in a … [Read more...]