How Evernote Helps To Deal With “Sparkle Brain”

The first time I heard the term “Sparkle Brain”, I knew it described me perfectly!  I have that crazy entrepreneurial/ADHD mind (two words that I think are interchangeable) that I just loved the idea that my brained was sparkly instead of scattered.  In this blog post, we’ll also look at what is called “Monkey Mind”, as the brain jumps around like monkeys in a tree.

Evernote has been a HUGE help in this, so I have an entire series dedicated to helping you tame your sparkle brain and get your Evernote on!

In the world of personal development and mindset mastery, there is a phrase that adequately describes the problem facing Real Estate Agents and entrepreneurs today.  They say that whenever you are not able to focus your mind clearly because you have so much to think about and so much else “going on,” that you have a “monkey mind.”  As you know, I like to call this “Sparkle Brain”, but it is a real concept.

The monkey jumps from tree to tree in the wild seemingly without any purpose or objective and this is what happens to the entrepreneur’s mind when they have so many projects to think about and so many details to be concerned with.

While there may be specific exercises in the world of mindset mastery, in practical terms the Realtor(r) or entrepreneur needs to be on the lookout for tools and resources to bring everything together – and quickly.  There’s nothing worse than a scatterbrained approach to project development and this almost certainly will to lead to errors and omissions, and a highly inflated stress level.

And of course, in my opinion, the best ways to take a lot of the strain away is to work directly with a Virtual Assistant or an Online Business Manager.

Many administrative tasks can be outsourced, saving a great deal of time on each given day.  One of the things that I particularly love to do is help my clients “ditch their desk” and “escape the paper”.  They are both programs that I will be offering soon to help you streamline your business, your life, and stop being tied to your desk.

Evernote is a case in point. This is a relatively new solution, allowing you to take notes instantly wherever you may be, and you can easily manage a great deal of information for many purposes.

Evernote is essentially a virtual notebook.  It is not a “one size fits all” solution, either, but you can set it up and tailor its functionality to best meet individual requirements.  I had to do A LOT of research when it came to evernote, as it’s just a blank canvas when you first get started.  I read this great ebook by Dean Ouellette called “Evernote for Real Estate” that you can purchase here.  It has helped me structure my own evernote account, and my client’s accounts.

In short, whenever you capture some information it’s automatically processed, indexed and is available for search purposes.  We are not always sitting at a desk when we come up with some brilliant ideas in relation to a project that we may be working on.  As our mind works in mysterious ways it’s often the case that we will suddenly visualize a solution to the problem, even though we had not been focusing on it at that point in time.

In other words, our mind has been working away in the background to come up with a solution and suddenly delivers it to us. With Evernote we will be able to commit the solution to file, not relying on the efficiency of our short-term memory to retain all the detail.  By using whatever one of our mobile devices is nearest to hand we can quickly and easily pull up the relevant notebook and dictate or key in the detail of the “brainwave.”

The system can be configured to communicate important breakthroughs and messages such as this to members of the virtual team, potentially saving a lot of time and delay.

In other posts in this series, I will teach you how to use evernote for transaction management, and just how to share items with your virtual team.  And if you haven’t done so already – get the Evernote for Real Estate book (if you’re a Realtor of course); you’ll thank me later : )

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