Client Care at Its Finest


Let's be honest.  Your monthly promotions and newsletters can only take you so far. Client-centered care is the hallmark of any respected business, and in my opinion, it's even more true in real estate. Without quality service, your business will fail. What matters most is for your client to feel as though they are a priority and are appreciated. This is what gets them talking … [Read more...]

Not Everyone Knows How to Lead a Team… Do You?

how to lead a team

Leaders are unique and not everyone can be one. They have a clear vision of where they are going, and they have a certain magnetism that attracts followers. Each business needs leaders, but make no mistake, they need a team as well. While many are in leadership positions, not everyone knows how to lead a team. It All Start With Trust You’ve chosen to lead this team because … [Read more...]

The Inman 100 :: Most Influential Real Estate Leaders


Each year, Inman News recognizes real estate industry leaders whose ingenuity, strength, conviction, power and persistence are driving change. The Inman 100 Most Influential Real Estate Leaders report seeks to include not only thought leaders, power brokers and deal makers, but entrepreneurs from outside the industry whose ideas are influencing the way homes are bought and … [Read more...]

Top 10 Best Real Estate CRM’s

10 Best Real Estate CRM's

Agents are always asking me what the best CRM for Real Estate is, and the truth is, there isn't a best one.  You simply need to find the one that works best for you and your team.  A Customer Relationship Manager, known in the Real Estate world simply as a CRM is one of the most valuable tools you can have.  But for some reason it's also the most under-used tool as well. It … [Read more...]

Sage One :: A Virtual Assistant’s Review

Virtual Assistant Review of Sage One

As the owner of a Virtual Assistant business, I work on a lot of projects at a time. There was a time (way back when) when I felt the need to do everything on my own, virtually killing myself to meet self-imposed crazy deadlines. I quickly learned that the best way around this sort of "problem" was to build a team of trusted, skilled service providers to work alongside me and … [Read more...]

Simple Ways to Add Video to Your Business

RAP Real Estate Agent San Diego

You hear it over and over again: You HAVE to use video in your business. We all know by now that Google owns YouTube, and to get great traffic to your site you must use video, but what if it makes you really uncomfortable? While some people might say that you have to have a certain social nature to be an entrepreneur, some people simply don't like to stand up in front of an … [Read more...]

Real Estate Blogging Strategy

WordPress Websites, Blogs, & IDX

Hey agents, how are you doing today?  It's Wednesday, do you know where your blogging strategy is?  As I was roaming around Facebook today, I came across this awesome video created by Scott Schang which provides a great blueprint for any agent (or their Virtual Assistant) to implement now. Blogging is by far one of the best ways to bring new visitors to your website.  A … [Read more...]

How A VA Can Help You Run Your Entire Online Business In Adobe Business Catalyst

Adobe Business Catalyst

As a busy entrepreneur and CEO of a successful Virtual Assistant company, I recently decided that it is time to make a big shift in my business, and run things a little different.  In doing so, I've found what I think is a better, much more streamlined, complete package.  I am switching my ENTRE|LEVERAGE website from WordPress to Adobe Business Catalyst (ABC). It can be … [Read more...]

Everybody Needs Help

Everyone Needs an Assistant

Do you have someone that helps you in your day to day life like a personal assistant, a Virtual Assistant, or even a receptionist in your office?  If not, you may not realize that you are potentially leaving a lot of money on the table. In my business, I have a team of Virtual Assistant's who help me support my clients.  They range in specialties from real estate … [Read more...]

How To Blog Using the New Rules of SEO


Early in 2012 a series of updates were imposed by Google that changed the face of search engine optimization (SEO) as we know it. Many people wondered whether SEO was dead in the water or not, as the update seemed to imply that the "optimization" part of SEO was now considered a bad idea. While there were many repercussions in the small business world following these updates … [Read more...]