5 Mistakes Real Estate Agents Don’t Want to Make with Social Media


I love social media.  It connects me with my friends and family, friends from years past, and has even reunited me with my 3 brothers I didn't know I had growing up.  It also is a huge source of new business for me, and I think I balance personal and business social media pretty well.  I like to let the people who visit my AGENT|LEVERAGE page get to know me, and I am "friends" … [Read more...]

How To Follow Up With Real Estate Clients

Follow Up with Real Estate Clients

I like writing blog posts on some of the questions I get during consultations and just general questions agents email me about.  Following up with leads & clients is always on the top of this list.  I personally like following up with past clients, especially when the agent is happy that I did. So I've done a lot of research on building a really good system around this … [Read more...]

Goal Setting & Resolutions for 2014


Well, we made it to 2014!  With so many changes in the real estate industry in 2013, I know it was a long year for so many of you.  And because of this, your goals have no doubt shifted some compared with last years. Almost every new client that came to me in 2013 seemed to be going through a reawakening.  They were dusting off 2006's list of goals and finally … [Read more...]

The Inman 100 :: Most Influential Real Estate Leaders


Each year, Inman News recognizes real estate industry leaders whose ingenuity, strength, conviction, power and persistence are driving change. The Inman 100 Most Influential Real Estate Leaders report seeks to include not only thought leaders, power brokers and deal makers, but entrepreneurs from outside the industry whose ideas are influencing the way homes are bought and … [Read more...]

The In’s & Out’s of Real Estate Transaction Coordination

Real Estate Transaction Coordination

A Transaction Coordinator functions as a liaison between real estate agents, their clients, escrow companies, and mortgage brokers during the process of a real estate sale.  Simply, they are the (experienced & knowledgeable) "paper pushers".  They free up on average 12.5 hours so the real estate agent can focus on driving new business. Pretty cool, right? If you're … [Read more...]

16 Real Estate Apps for Android Users


Not everyone in Real Estate uses an iPhone (I love my Samsung phones!) so I wanted to make sure there was a comprehensive list of some of the best Android Apps for those agents who are like me. I realize this isn't the full list of apps, so make sure you add your favorites in the comments below. 16 Real Estate Apps for Android Users Suburb Scout :: Allow agents, … [Read more...]

Listing Coordination :: Important For All Agents

Professional Listing Marketing

Do you need Listing Coordination?  In a word, yes.  Listing Coordination is simply a series of events coordinated by your Listing Coordinator that take place for each and every listing like clockwork.  Listing Coordination ensures that every client and every listing gets the same red carpet treatment, and nothing slips through the cracks. Most Real Estate Agents have a simple … [Read more...]

10 Real Estate IDX Providers

Choose Your IDX Provider

Internet Data eXchange also known as IDX, allows real estate agents to showcase the listings in their local MLS on their website, allows home seekers to search properties on their site, and submit inquiries to view properties. Every home buyer using the internet to search for homes wants one thing: to look at pictures of houses available in their area.  That's it.  In all … [Read more...]

10 Email Newsletter Services for Real Estate Agents

10 Email Newsletter Services for Real Estate Agents

Are you consistently sending out a Real Estate Newsletter?  And by consistent I am talking once a week at best, and once a month at the very least. Connecting with your audience - buyers, sellers, neighbors, friends, SOI, website visitors - at least once per month is a crucial component of a well-rounded real estate marketing plan.  Send it out consistently, and make sure you … [Read more...]