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AGENT|LEVERAGE (formerly Virtual Assistant Chick) is a Real Estate Support Company that specializes in helping real estate agents & brokers reach their true potential.  No one can make it on their own, and not one person (no matter how amazing their time management skills are) can do everything it takes to make it in business today.

Due mostly to our amazing technological advances though, most real estate agents are trying to do it all themselves.  When we first start our businesses, sometimes we need little more than a computer and an internet connection, but to experience real growth and make real money, you’ll quickly find that delegating tasks that aren’t your unique brilliance is to your benefit.

Enter AGENT|LEVERAGE!  Over the last seven years, I have created the premiere, one-stop-shop for real estate agents.  Need help keep track of leads & clients?  How about marketing your listings?  Do you need help with building a client-centric website, a social following, and knowing how today’s clients think?  We work on these things with you.  We also take over the nitty-gritty parts of running your business that you shouldn’t be handling.  AGENT|LEVERAGE allows you to do what you do best: create relationships with people and drive new business.

Think about a chef opening his own restaurant.  Does he greet you at the door, take you to your table, bring you your drinks, take your order and then rush to the kitchen to prepare the meal, serve it to you, and finally clear and wash your dishes?  Of course not.  Maybe in the very beginning, but no business owner can sustain that for very long, and neither can you.

I understand what it takes to make your business succeed in this crazy online world that we love so much, and I’ve built a successful company around it.  April Sullivan and the entire team at AGENT|LEVERAGE are  the best in the business and we provide exceptional service at affordable rates.

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